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About Us


SBJ Café is a small roasting coffee business, family owned and operated in The Woodlands, Texas.


We started roasting coffee for family and friends, both of which have continued to enjoy our roasted coffee beans.  Because of this success with our family and friends, we decided to expand our business to include; not only individuals, but also companies, which have begun to enjoy our unique blend of coffees.


SBJ Cafe’s enjoyment for roasting coffee has inspired us to become more familiar with the roasting process, and then leading us to produce a wonderful product, of flavor, smells and taste.  Our coffee has a smooth flavor, which leaves no bitter after tastes.


We offer many varieties of roasted coffee blends, included is our house blend with its unique flavors of a combination of beans.  Our passion to our product starts at the beginning with the green beans to final product of roasted beans.


We use Arabica & Robusta green coffee beans as part of processing.  Our Arabica beans chosen from different regions of Latin America and our Robusta beans are from Asia.


We roast batches at our business where we find the roast that best suites our beans.  Only when we acquire the proper quality for our beans are we ready to share our coffee with you.

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